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For the future, by the future.

Welcome to OmniAI, where AI empowers and the future knows no bounds. We harness the power of AI to unlock new possibilities and shape a limitless tomorrow. Join us on this journey of empowerment and discovery as we unleash the potential of AI. Together, let's forge a future where innovation reigns and possibilities soar.

We are an innovative company in the planning and development stages, driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry and shape the future using artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we work towards making a lasting impact in the world. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let's shape the future.

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Explore our open-source projects aimed at social analysis and preserving history using AI. Join us in shaping a brighter future.

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You can explore initiatives we are currently undertaking. We strive to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients and partners.

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Join the Team

Join Omni and help develop AI-related projects, contribute to the development of AI, and be part of the revolution.



Analyze social movements at scale using social media, NLP, and innovative data analytics. From various media platforms, we're expanding our reach to understand and navigate the social fabric of humanity.


At our core, we truly believe that education is one of the most important steps in human development, and determines our civilization's course. And we are committed to making it better.

Discover a wealth of knowledge with our free downloadable datasets. From AI to social sciences, our curated collection spans diverse domains, empowering researchers, developers, and data enthusiasts.

Learn more about own research projects. These research projects are community centered with anyone interested free to participate.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is one of the staple solutions, being one of the most widely used applications and tested use of artificial intelligence. We provide a wide range of services for costume solutions.

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Introducing our revolutionary open-source project: a decentralized network of computers, where individuals contribute their computing power to support research and resource-intensive open-source projects. 

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We are currently in the planning stages of a data labeling platform created to be an intuitive and easy way to create, facilitate, and provide quality data to our costumers.

Coming soon

Law Assistent

Discover Lawfull, our groundbreaking project leveraging AI and official data sources to revolutionize legal research. Seamlessly access and explore relevant legal cases, unlocking valuable insights with ease.

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Diagnostics and Prediction

AI using medical records and real time biometrics to predict a persons predisposition to illnesses, or trajectory for recovery. By analyzing patterns and risk factors, it enables early detection and intervention, empowering better patient outcomes and cost reduction.

Helping content creators, companies, and content creators understand the feedback from YouTube comments.

Coming soon

OmniAI amplifies the power of AI to connect and transform. Our solutions delve into the realm of social analytics, providing AI-driven insights that empower you. Whether deciphering user feedback on platforms like YouTube or unearthing relevant cases for legal research, our cutting-edge data analytics tools have you covered. Join us in shaping a connected future where AI lies at the heart of meaningful analysis and transformative possibilities.

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Join our community find out of ways to participate in research and open-source projects. Join us in building a better tomorrow with technology. We are currently working to create a community to realize our opensource projects.


Join Us

Join the OmniAI Team and start working on revolutionary ideas and contribute to the progress of AI and its uses to help the progress of humanity. 


* We are currently not taking applications.

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