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By analyzing social media data and news, we can provide people, governments, and companies with a holistic understanding of what's happening in their society. We help individuals gain insight into popular trends and sentiments on social media platforms, allowing them to stay informed and make more informed decisions, the social state of our society has never been analyzed like this. Whether you're a brand looking to improve your products or a person interested in understanding broader social trends, our program has the potential to benefit everyone.

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Data Scraping

The data scraping will be from 4 different social media Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and YouTube into as well as the top 10 news sources.

ASAP Process

Data Organization

The raw text data is organized by platform, identifying the type of content, its source, and general information optimized for AI interpretation.

Data Presenting

AI Analysis

Currently using an LLM (model being decided upon) to analyze the context, summary, and opinions are generalized.

The data found is presented using graphs graphics and text generated by the AI, giving a summary of the analysis.

import praw
import datetime
import openai

# scrapping posts from r/politics using praw

subreddit = reddit.subreddit("politics")

# using the open api for nlp we can promote the analysis of all the information from web scraped data.

scompletion = openai.ChatCompletion.create(

"role": "user", "content": ("Analysis Promt -\n" + output_str)}]


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