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AI Detection

Helping Educators Combatting Generated Work

We are currently planning the development of a plug created for educators. As tempting as it is to use the latest technology buzzwords and industry jargon, we prefer to keep things simple. Our primary goal is to empower educators with a tool that's intuitive, effective, and easy to integrate into their teaching environment.

A large piece of text appliers.

Untitled (2).png

History Checker

Run ZeroGPT


ZeroGPT has detected some suspicious text.

Methods of Detection

After talking to several teachers we have gathered several methods to identify generated writing in work, one of the most difficult tests is checking the history of the document and identifying large pieces of text that have appeared. Another method is using AI recognition tools, with ZeroGPT being the most used and considered to be the most accurate out of the rest of the tools.

The first version will consist of these two methods for detecting AI writing.


Development Plans

This project will be open self, if you are interested in helping teachers contribute to this project and have experience working with the Google Doc API, Google Chrome Extensions, HTML and CSS, Javascript, experiment, or learn, do not hesitate to join.

If you are interested in the datasets that we used in this demonstration, they are free to download and use in your own research. If you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact me at

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