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Media Analysis

Exciting open-source projects are underway: AI LawAssist transforms legal practice with AI-driven research, while YouTube Comment Analyzer provides valuable audience feedback insights. Stay tuned for updates on these innovative initiatives.

Historic Media Insights

The Social Media Analyzer project explores the vast realm of social media data, leveraging AI and data analytics to uncover valuable insights. By analyzing trends, sentiments, and patterns in social media content, we empower individuals, organizations, and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the digital landscape. With our innovative tools, we provide the means to harness the power of social media data for informed decision-making and comprehensive analysis.

Fake News Detection

Find out how LLMs can combat fake news. The fragility and mailability of the democratic social fabric is highly susceptible to manipulation by bad actors whos mission it is to destabilize opponents. Autocracies around the world are actively conducting campaigns aimed at miss informing populations. The population in whos hands is the true key to change in a democratic nation. We aim to detect this activity to spread awareness about potential fallacies.  

Automatic History Recording

In today's fast-paced digital era, the importance of timely and accurate news reporting cannot be overstated. This not only ensures that you receive the most recent updates but also that the information is consolidated from diverse and trustworthy channels. With automated news recording, staying informed has never been more efficient and comprehensive. And the creation of datasets for machine perception.

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