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Our Products

Exciting projects underway: AI LawAssist & YouTube Comment Analyzer. AI LawAssist transforms legal practice with AI-driven research. YouTube Comment Analyzer provides insights into audience feedback. Stay tuned for more updates.

Media Insights

Whether it is for market research, marketing, Provide historic media analysis for commercial and political entities, political, events, social movements, and essentially anything that has a footprint in the media. We provide a variety of different visualization methides and are happy to accommodate any consume solutions you many have.


Creative Assistant

Be believe in AIs ability to inspire creatives with tailor-made solutions for architects, designers, and artists. If you are interested visit our first version of the Creative Assistant. Test  ideas and new concepts, explore styles, invision ideas that have never been concieved of before.


Custom Solutions

Computer vision is one of the staple solutions, being one of the most widely used applications and tested use of artificial intelligence. We provide a wide range of services for costume solutions.

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