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Fake News 

Addressing the Silent Crisis of the Digital Age

At OmniAI, we're pioneering the frontiers of technology to bring forth innovations that make our world more informed, secure, and connected. We're excited to introduce our Fake News Detection project, our latest endeavor in bolstering information integrity across digital platforms.

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Simple Overview


A point of reference needed can be a variety of verified sources where accurate and truthful information can be referred to. It is very important to ensure the validity of this source as it is fundamental for how the llm perceptieves the news.

Large Language Model

The LLM gives us the ability to automate the perception of media and the decision-making behind identifying the validity of the unverified media.

Unverified Media

Unverified news can be anything ranging from social media posts to news articles and other forms of media formats

🌐 Empowering Truth

Currently, we are working to use Large Language Models and their ability or understand textual information and its context to identify fact news. Personally, I believe it is one of the biggest problems that are currently plaguing our civilization and at the foundation of conflicts, polarization, and division that humanity is experiencing.

In conjunction with our Media analysis, we plan to publish our findings for free.

OmniVeritas is not just a product; it’s our commitment to empowering truth and transparency in a world inundated with information. It’s an advanced solution designed to identify and mitigate the dissemination of misinformation on diverse digital platforms, ensuring the veracity of content that billions consume every day.


Development Plans

We are currently in the process of developing and understanding the feasibility of the project. As well as planning the course of action for the deployment and implementation for this technology. Sign up for our news letter to keep up to date with our projects. If you have any further inquires in regards tp our projects feel free to contact us. 


I will be happy to answer any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact me at


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